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Virtual Reality

Discussion in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' started by McCormick, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Everytime when this topic arises, I get reminded of the 1st screens in videogame magazines or the news of the early 80s.

    VR-helmet by NASA in the 80s :

    Euclidions "Unlimited Detail"...long live the hype...and their (stereoscopic) "Holodeck"
    "Unlimited Detail", a static world without life and animations...looking like a clay world from 1970 monster movies...yet...cool....somehow, at least for simple walkthroughs in a museum :

    What got my attention today and made me post this thread ?

    The 2017 VARJO headset, with "the resolution of the human eye" :

    Reads (very) promising (once again). Finish guys, Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, nvidia...

    I admit we made some steps forward and comparing the 1st 3D games to todays 3D worlds truly shows a magnificent difference...but somehow I am missing something here.

    I dont expect to have Star Treks Holodeck by tomorrow, but what happened to the day everybody bought a VR headset ? Everybody bought a radio, a television, a mobile phone, a computer...but for some reason Virtual Reality never really became a "television" or "mobile phone".

    So, when ? When will we all meet in Virtual Reality on a daily basis ?

    Who else could answer this, if not the president of Virtual Reality ?

    Mr. President ?
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  2. San


    Go work for that company and you'll be much closer to your answer than by hounding a toy president. Thanks for the link, very interesting indeed.
  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    We wiĺl see it soon. Same with voice steering and creation.
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    The day everyone owns joysticks is the day everyone owns VR headsets too.
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  5. I left out the sarcasm tags this time, because I thought it would be too obvious.
    Next time I will call our president crypto-scammer again. :)
  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I think the issue of why VR hasn't widely kicked off yet is due to 2 (related) reasons.

    1. Tech simply wasn't ready. When I was a teenager and talk about VR started, it'd typically take us leaving a PC crunching all night to produce a single 3D image (using 3D studio or something similar). Fastforward 25 years, and here we are with both hardware and software able to deliver realistic looking 3D graphics rendered in (near) real time.

    2. Affordability for consumers. It's still not cheap running a rig with VR on it. You'll at least need a decent-specced PC or console, and you will also have to buy additional hardware to support it. Headsets will run you up several hundred USD, and for full immersion, extra kit like the Omni or other game-enhancing peripherals will add hundreds, if not thousands more.

    Things are getting cheaper, but we'll have to face that VR is still in its infancy, really. It's improving, and the new developments happen fast, but we're still in the early days of it. Most people buying VR stuff, really are acting as early adopters now.

    I am confident when our president (praise and headsets be upon him) single-handedly delivers the trillions of jobs he promised, the future will look much better.

    By the way, I'd hate to cause any worry, but it seems VR is going through a course of extreme deflation.

    March 2016: " 1 trillion jobs!


    May 2016: "3 million jobs"


    December 2016: 300,000 jobs

    Luckily the trend of those numbers seems to indicate a rapid stabilization, but I cannot help but wonder when the 50,000 new jobs will actually be delivered. I mean, surely there must be someone out there who was rescued from poverty when our President (bless his virtual feet) single-handedly dragged him from the slums and set him up with a new job, together with 4,999 equally lucky colleagues, but I simply haven't met him or her yet.

    The 500, as they [strikethrough]are[/strikethrough] were known until 3 minutes ago, still marvel daily about their new life, though some openly admit that they worry. "The traffic jam on the digital highway seems to be getting less and less every day", one said under cover of anonymity. Just as he was about to elaborate on this thought, we witnessed 4 others drop out. "Damn, that was Bill from across the road", the worker stated. "He was heavily investing in land plots, but I guess the market blew up on him. I frankly am worried for the sake of my family. Don't get me wrong, I love the opportunity I have been given, but somehow, one cannot help but wonder how sustainable these jobs are".

    We will undoubtedly find out more when the 123 make it through their trial period. Maybe.
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  7. Very well written. Problem is, none of his goons will rememeber what he said 1 year ago.
    By then, ND will be rich, thanks to his crypto scam. But ya, you gotta start somewhere... x'D
  8. San


    Aw c'mon. Sure got the sarcasm, I took it for a rhethorical question. But I don't call him a scammer. A man with lofty visions, some of them unrealistic. But it's everybody's choice to follow. We have worse examples in the real world... which we don't have a choice to escape and which doesn't feel very real much of the time anymore.
  9. Its everybodys choice to follow. Right.
    But it wont hurt making people aware of this "3 billion jobs"-crypto-scam.

    One might call it "crowdfunding"...others might call it a pyramid scheme...I call it one big scam this time.
    But yes, let em have their choice. Its their decision to follow.

    I tried to learn from the past and MindArks/Neverdies broken promises and indeed extreme lofty visions...that only ever aimed for our money and never really provided actual results or if lucky, ended up as half assed attempts of crap. Just like in reallife. I wish this crap would stay out of virtual reality...but its imminent.

    Do you really believe "Entropia Universe" will be the product that can provide millions of jobs to the poor and unemployed ?
    Making them able to survive again ? Well, its your choice, but this whole thing has gone way too far...in my opinion.
  10. San


    No, I don't believe it and I pointed it out in various forum posts already how the numbers don't add up. Nobody refuted it. But if he believes it and finds followers, is he a scammer or a guru or something else? I would have to have evidence that he knows it can't work to call him a criminal.

    Here is an important lesson most won't bother to watch, much less understand: About exponential growth in limited space

    But then, https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/r/robertahe121947.html

    Here is another one with a lofty plan:


    Do you trust a, er, Russian scientist who heads some parts at the UNESCO and starts something of his own imagination where he is monarch? They haven't been asking for money yet. I don't know who will pay for the satellite or what follows. I'll grant it is possible to get a CubeSat launched out of your own pocket. Shall wait and SEE...
  11. I understand and I did not want to direct that question towards to you only.
    I usually agree with "Shall wait and SEE"...but if "wait and SEE" finallly becomes a standard, discussions are obsolete as people will just wait it out, not wasting their energy on typing or talking about it. Because they could be wrong. Hell, even I could be wrong this time. ;)

    Ofc I cant tell (right now) if ND and MA will (finally) succeed with this...but if my memories serve me right, this must be just
    another bullshit-hype-announcement. Just like *insert long list of bullshit-hype-announcements here*

    For sure there are good souls out there, planning with their best intentions.
    But usually the good souls get ignored and do not recieve gazzilion of $ for their plans.

    What if I would make announccements that would sound "tremendous" ? Like, the "Ocean CleanUp" guy.
    Thats something with good intentions with some quite realistic goals. But etherum is just another hype-train and
    ND jumped onto it, promising this and that.

    This "Job scenario" wasnt just born straight out of ND. MA was talking about it various times over the past years and it arised just "recently" in the (bitcoin) "interview" with David Simmonds. Plans for education, unemployment...blaahhhhh...

    I mean, they dont even get their sh!t together in their own universe and people (still) expect MA/Neverdie to change the world
    everytime they announce some hype ? For example *insert long list of bullshit-hype-announcements here*

    I dont know how many attempts MA/ND made into the "education" or "unemployment" direction, but since 2001 only 2 things made it into the public and people prefer to not to talk about it. That was the (failed) NASA contest and the (failed) ESA moon game. Thats it about it.
    There is no moon. ;p There is no education and with MAs abilities of advertising stuff, this 3d-chat-shooter will never ever be a place for education. God forbid...

    I heard it a dozen times before and such announcements usually fail or get forgotten soon inside of Entropia. If you cant prove me wrong, dont try it. ;)

    Yet the best thing about Entropia is, everytime it enters the news with its hyping, noone has ever heard of Entropia before, calling the RCE concept unique and new'n stuff. While other companies already established a great reputation and a fixed position on the gaming market over the past 10 years, MA still uses its "Puppy License", because its so small and doesnt have many employees and never did any mass advertising and so on...

    Im still around as well, but as long as I dont SEE a nice progress again, I wont put a Cent into this anymore. But I still enjoy the show and the hype around it, everytime something like "The President of Virtual Reality" shows up. x'D

    But dont people learn from the past anymore these days ?

  12. San


    Not discounting anything you say, and experience certainly speaks for itself. What I don't get is why so many people buy big-time into it in the first place only to get disappointed. I mean it's not the only place where hype is used to sell something, it's all around us and I always think most would know their way around by now. High potential reward means high risk, always. This learning curve theory might be a thing to study...

    I never thought this 3d-chat-shooter was a place for education, or even serious business either (the pretty pennies shifted around between players for artificially rare gear I can't call business, honestly). The simple reason is that every bit of content can only be created and distributed by central authority and is limited by their capacity and willingness.

    Want an education platform with 3D capability? Second Life. I learned languages in there, had company meetings etc. The difference is that you just buy usage of the platform and get to create all content by yourself or buy prefabs from others. This is the kind of business Entropia is dreaming of, but isn't getting because of its restrictions being a game with a preset theme and limited selection of barely customizable stuff. And now I'm seriously wondering how I came from there to here and not the other way around? Strange. Ah, maybe I wanted to actually play a game. SL isn't so great with that, for platform limitations...
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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Crypto scam?
  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    ND is selling what could be considered the equivalent of CFDs in order to raise money for... something.


    So basically crowdfunding a new bitcoin. I think.

    And it's awesome, it will be possible to use in so many games. It already is used in no less than 3:

    AmeVRica (not released yet)
    AsgardVR (no site, but it's being developed by NEVERDIE Studios as we speak, as can be clearly seen by the domain name they haven't renewed)

    So you see, with 3 games already on board, it's only a matter of time before every game ever released will be refactored to use this new teleportation fee.

    The AmeVRica presentation actually made me notice I never noticed before. It states that 10 million times a year, a teleporter is used. We'll assume this is within EU as a whole, as I highly doubt MindArk/NEVERDIE would get access to teleport data of other games. Let's also assume this is an relatively accurate number, rather than the normal grossly inflated numbers MindArk SEEms so fond of tossing around.

    When I will still a very active participant in EU, I probably used the teleporter at least 5 times a day. Let's say I used it 5 times a day. And let's further say I played at least 15 days during a month. I probably did a lot more than that, considering how addicted I was, but w/e. That makes me have used a TP some 75 times during a month, or 900 times a year.

    I bet that a real active player would most likely account for far more of those over a years' worth. However, there's probably also a ton of players who use the TP about once before they quit, and I'm looking for a ballpark average number here.

    10 million teleport usages a year. 900 uses per year per player.

    Last edited: Jun 20, 2017
  15. MA still has the last word...and ND already openly states:
    "This is a high risk investment (if you send me your crypto currency) and there is absolutley no guarantee there will be teleport deeds."

    1.) People start throwing Etherum at ND, because he will make an announcement about "The Big Teleporter" in Brazil
    (imagine, "The President of the Virtual Reality" will make another announcement!!!!111)

    2.) ND hopes to make 50.000.000 US Dollars with this, to justify production costs and have wages ready
    to be payed (wahahahahaha, jesus)

    3.) Nothing might happen...at all. *LOL* x'D

    Only in russiahheeentropia...
  16. Don't know what to think about high risk investments. Maybe because of certain age or other investments opportunities i could sound a bit skeptical about crypto currency.
    One thing would be that you get salary in that currency and can pay bills, food ect. Or that my son borrow his computer for mining to get few dollars while his dad pay electric power bill.
    But to buy it not for payment transactions but exclusively with dreams of speculation and to get rich on the basis of just on ownership of few crypto coins is very wrong in my opinion.
    There is many high risk start up companies, Stock Exchange in home country or even in high risk countries if one just need to play.
  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I looked up CFD... one of those things about money that I still don't know about am afraid. I'll get round to it one day but there is so much more interesting stuff to learn too!

    Anyhow Ethereum yeh I did read about that one recently.... I kinda got the vague notion but as to how it really works... yeh need to read and think some more on that one. As for what ND is doing with it? Well riding another hype train I expect because the prices of it are soaring.

    That trading UI he has is fairly snazzy though, clearly some work gone in there. I don't really understand what he doing though and I kinda get that we are not meant to. This is probably why it comes over as very scammy. "Invest in my amazing complicated thing! Don't worry, it's complicated and I won't explain it well, but that's why it's awesome and totally something you should spend money on", is sorta the message.

    I'll reserve judgement till I can see that "under review" white paper. But oh no, that means I'll miss the discount... buggers ;)


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